Our Unique Process for Estate Planning and Asset Protection

At Dennis Sullivan and Associates we help clients meet their goals and objectives through a unique process that combines both education and counseling. The process begins with educational Trust and Asset Protection Workshops. 

19-Point Analysis

We will even provide a unique 19-point analysis of your existing plan, if you have one.  Our unique 19-Point Trust, Estate and Asset Protection analysis provides you with the ability to identify and fix hidden mistakes in existing planning.  If you do not have a plan, we will help you develop a plan based on your personal goals and objectives. 

In our experience, we often find more than 9 mistakes!  Research shows that 86% of trusts and estate plans are outdated.  The reason for this is that many estate plans focus on what happens when you die, instead of how to protect your home, spouse and life savings while you’re alive.

We don’t just create trust documents. Most important we help people discover, review and analyze estate plans to make sure that your existing plan provides you with peace of mind and the level of protection that you would like for you and your family. 

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