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Posted by Massachusetts Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney, Dennis B. Sullivan, Esq., CPA, LLM on Mon, Sep 24, 2012

My Husband Has Alzheimer's. What Activities Can We Do Together At Home?


It can be a challenge to enjoy activities together with an Alzheimer's patient. But it's a challenge that can be overcome... if you use your imagination.alzheimers, massahusetts, elder law


Here are some things you can enjoy together...


  • WORD GAMES - A quick ramble through your neighborhood bookstore will reveal loads of books with word games. And you can also create your own - such as taking a word and seeing how many other words you can make from it.
  • VIDEOS - We're not talking about movies here, but videos specifically designed for Alzheimer's patients. Innovative Caregiving Resources has a set called Video Respite ( And these videos do just that - give you a respite.
  • WRITE HIS OWN LIFE STORY - This can be a shared activity that may stimulate some happy memories. Organize the information, and put it into a book your husband can carry around.
  • MUSIC SOOTHES THE SOUL - Music seems to help memory. You can dance to it. Or just relax to it.
  • RELA-A-A-A-A-X - Create a daily routine. At the same time each day, play calming music, burn candles or incense, or plug in a diffuser. (Use scents your husband likes!!) Gently massage some lotion into his hands and arms.
  • EXERCISE - Get outside for some fresh air. Or stay inside and use an exercise video. Play old favorites like horseshoes, or putt on a portable green.
  • GAMES - Play cards, board games, or checkers. And don't keep score!
  • READ TOGETHER - It doesn't matter what you read, as long as it's light and enjoyable.

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