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Why Retitling Assets to Your Spouse to Qualify for Medicaid May Not Work Part 2

Posted by Dennis Sullivan & Associates on Fri, Feb 20, 2015

Why Retitling Assets to Your Spouse to Qualify for Medicaid May Not Work Part 2 | Massachusetts Elder Law Attorney




A few weeks ago we were discussing Angela’s dilemma.  Her husband, Peter, has Alzheimer’s disease and is going to need some care at home.  Angela is concerned that he will need nursing home level care sooner rather than later and she wants to preserve their primary home as well as their vacation home.

The problem is that Peter does not have long term care insurance so they will have to privately pay for care until he qualifies as eligible for Medicaid.  Angela can keep the primary home and $119,220 in assets and still be eligible. Unfortunately, all their other assets, including their vacation home, will need to be spent down before Medicaid will cover his care.  She can’t simply take Peter’s name off the deed to their vacation home like she had hoped she could.

So, what are their options?  It may still be possible to transfer the second home to a trust and try to get through the 5 year look back.  Peter doesn’t need nursing home level care yet, and if his decline in health is slow enough, it may be possible to continue paying for the care he needs for the next 5 years.  This option would mean that they would have to spend their other savings during that time frame and if they can’t quite make it, maybe their children or another family member can help to pay for Peter’s care.  If not, Angela can always sell the vacation home if there is no other option.

Another approach for Angela to consider, she could also sell both homes and then buy one primary residence with the proceeds from both sales.  While this option doesn’t accomplish what Angela really wants, keeping their vacation home in the family, it does help preserve their assets for any future needs she may have as well as increase the amount that she will be able to be passed on to her family when she is gone.  If a family member can purchase the property from her, or take a mortgage to do so, then it can stay in the family like she wanted.

So where does Angela go from here?  We told her that a transfer to trust is definitely worth considering since we don’t know how Peter’s illness will progress.  The lesson here is an important one:  Angela should have called us much earlier, when both Peter and Angela were still healthy, not after Peter’s diagnosis.  It would have made it much easier to get through Medicaid’s 5 year look back and Angela would have been able to rest easy knowing she had secured their vacation home that she and her family have enjoyed for years.

As it stands now, she could set up the trust that meets Medicaid requirements, make the transfer and hope for the best to make it through the current five year look back period. If the ten year look back period ever passed, it would not make sense given Peter’s illness.


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