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Avoiding Massachusetts Estate Taxes, NOT Just for the Rich

Avoiding Massachusetts Estate Taxes, NOT Just for the Rich

When you pass away, who do you want as the primary beneficary of your estate, your loved ones or the government? Estate Tax Facts Many people, as you may guess, do not want their life savings and legacy to be swallowed by estate taxes.  What most people are not...

Can Your Will Protect You When You Don’t Die?

  What Happens When You Don’t Die?   Is your “I love you” will capable of protecting you or your spouse from long-term care costs? You know the kinds of wills we’re talking about: The husband leaves everything to the wife, the wife leaves everything to the...

Great News About Long Term Care Planning for You and Your Loved Ones

More Good News: Estate Planning and Long-Term Care Planning   Our firm has helped people and their families with long-term care planning for more than 20 years. While helping people, it is very important to help focus  on the health, long term care and...