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Is your Planning Stuck in Limbo? (part 2)

Is your Planning Stuck in Limbo? (part 2)

How does the debate over health care reform affect you and your estate plan? In our last post we discussed the importance of keeping up with the constant changes happening in health care reform. We will continue to examine how the on-going deliberations in Washington...

Understanding Long Term Care Planning

Facing the enormity of long term care, whether it is the financial, healthcare, emotional or psychological issues, it is so overwhelming.  It’s needs a team effort!  With the help of family, friends and our team here at Dennis Sullivan and...

New Tax Bill: What you need to know

How does the new tax bill affect you and your family now and in the future? The new tax bill has officially been passed by Congress and signed by President Trump, what does this mean for us?  The answer to this depends on many variables discussed here. ...

Can Your Will Protect You When You Don’t Die?

  What Happens When You Don’t Die?   Is your “I love you” will capable of protecting you or your spouse from long-term care costs? You know the kinds of wills we’re talking about: The husband leaves everything to the wife, the wife leaves everything to the...