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IRS Audits of the Wealthy

If you’re a high-earning taxpayer, with an adjusted gross income of more than $500,000 – well, first, congratulations! and second – beware. It appears that the IRS may be gunning for you. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported in their MarketWatch section, the...

Roth Conversion?

If you made a Roth IRA conversion last year (when all the media were encouraging you to do so), you may be sorry now that it’s tax time.  The good thing is that it’s not too late to undo your conversion decision. You can still “re-characterize” the conversion...

Obama’s Estate Tax Budget Proposals

We all should realize that the federal estate tax is in a state of flux. The current rules, with the generous $5 million individual exemption ($10 million for a couple), expire at the end of 2012. Last month, the Treasury Department released the “General Explanations...