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Avoiding Massachusetts Estate Taxes, NOT Just for the Rich

Avoiding Massachusetts Estate Taxes, NOT Just for the Rich

When you pass away, who do you want as the primary beneficary of your estate, your loved ones or the government? Estate Tax Facts Many people, as you may guess, do not want their life savings and legacy to be swallowed by estate taxes.  What most people are not...

Where to Retire?

Yet another life-changing decision that pre-retirees need to ponder – Where to retire?  Stay at home?  Move far away?  Go south?  Go north?  Move to the city?  Move to the country?  In response to this question, William P. Barrett writes an article in the August...

Understanding Long Term Care Planning

Facing the enormity of long term care, whether it is the financial, healthcare, emotional or psychological issues, it is so overwhelming.  It’s needs a team effort!  With the help of family, friends and our team here at Dennis Sullivan and...