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Critical Estate Planning Considerations In The New Year

January is an exciting time when we can come together with our loved ones and set our goals for the upcoming year. From healthy lifestyle changes and setting new financial goals to spending more time with family or planning for retirement, the New Year holds special meaning to each of us. As you already know, this year is special as this New Year marks not just the start of a new year, but the start of a new decade.

As you reflect on the resolutions you have set for yourself for 2020, we ask you how many of them, if any, focus on your estate planning? Unfortunately, we see year in and year out that many of our clients do not make their estate plans a priority. Instead, they treat their planning as a “one time” issue and do not revisit it each year to ensure that it reflects their goals.

There are significant issues with this type of thinking. While the goal is for your estate plan to help you through any and all circumstances, things change. These could be changes in your personal life or your financial planning, but they could also originate with both the federal and state laws that govern your planning. The key is to be proactive and frequently check in with your estate planning attorney to ensure that your goals for yourself, your loved ones, your business, and your legacy, may still be achieved.

In fact, you may not realize that over 86% of trust agreements do not work. You may find this to be a staggering statistic, and we would agree with you. What could, perhaps, be the bigger question is: Why do they fail? This New Year, we want you to make it a priority to learn the issues behind many trust agreements that we see. In fact, you may discover where problems typically exist and the opportunities you have to improve your planning with our free guide. Just click this link to access it right now, at no charge!

We know this can be concerning to read. After all, when you worked with your estate planning attorney you invested a significant amount of time and money to your plan. You want it to work, and to learn it may not is devastating. This is just one of the reasons why we have developed our own unique estate planning process that combines both education and counseling so that we may understand your planning goals and ensure your estate plan will not fail. You may contact us to schedule a meeting to speak with us personally about your goals and your estate plan.

You do not have to wait, however, for your first meeting with us. You can get started right now. We can provide you with our unique, proven, 19-point analysis of your existing estate plan. Our unique 19-Point Trust, Estate and Asset Protection analysis provides you with the ability to identify and fix hidden mistakes in existing planning. It may surprise you to learn that during this review, either on your own or with us in our office, we often find more than 9 mistakes!

If you do not have a plan, we will help you develop a plan based on your personal goals and objectives. The key is to not put off this critical planning this New Year. We do not just create trust documents. Instead, most importantly, we help people discover, review, and analyze estate plans to make sure that their existing plan can provide them with peace of mind and the level of protection that they would like for themselves and their family.

We even go one step further because we are committed to ensuring that you are protected in all circumstances. We provide Discovery Workshops that you may register for to learn more about our unique process and what you truly need. These are free workshops on trust, estate, and asset protection. You are welcome to register by calling 800-964-4295 or registering on

Do not let these opportunities pass you by. Start the New Year by taking control of your estate planning and your legacy and lifetime protections.