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Elder Law

Are_your_Accounts_Truly_Safe Are Your Bank Accounts Truly Safe? Using FDIC insurance to make sure your accounts are fully protected.


Aid & Attendance Special Care Pensions – If you served during wartime and need daily assistance, you may qualify for this special pension.


Funeral Planning: Options for You and Your Family – Don’t let your family become overwhelmed when you pass, plan now so everyone has an easier time.


Getting Peace of Mind – Plan for all of life’s contingencies, denial offers no protection.


How to Set the Stage for Your Medicaid Eligibility – Applying for Medicaid can be tricky and there is a lot of conflicting information out there, this guide can help.

 Estate Planning

Charity_begins_at_home Charity Begins at Home – Americans give more than anyone else, find out the hidden benefits to your own generosity.


Don’t Forget About Rover – Don’t forget about your pets when making your estate plans. They were devoted to you, make sure someone is able to take care of them.


Fifteen Practical Reasons to Do Estate Planning – Avoiding probate, protecting your assets, preserving your home and much more


Same Sex Couples Face Special Challenges in Estate Planning – There are an estimated one and a half million same sex couples over 50 years old right now, and that number is expected to explode.


Living Trusts: Calculating the Benefits – Avoid legal problems, lower taxes and more privacy. Find out all the reasons a Living Trust is recommended for you.


Special Planning for A Special Needs Child – Peace of mind  can be found with a custom-designed estate plan to care for your special needs child.


The Dangers of Do It Yourself Wills and Living Trusts – You can print out all sorts of things from the internet, why not a pre-made will? We’ll tell you why it’s a bad idea.


The Trouble with Joint Tenancy – Some people try to use joint tenancy as a substitute for a real estate plan, find out why that’s a bad idea.


The Impact of Divorce on Your Estate Planning – Preparing for a divorce is critical, whether it is you or your heirs getting one.


Using Individual Retirement Accounts for Estate Planning – An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) should be simple, but the IRS has other ideas.
Getting_The_Most_Out_of_Your_Life_Insurance Get the Most Out of Your Life Insurance – Get insurance now and make it work for you to avoid potentially devastating consequences for your loved ones.

Estate & Asset Protection Planning



Asset Protection Report – Americans can be sued anytime, anywhere for anything. Find  out how to protect yourself.


Planning It Right The First Time – Don’t do your loved ones the disservice of failing to plan for every contingency.


How to Use A Family Limited Partnership to Protect Your Assets – Worried about being sued? You should be.


How to Use A Limited Liability Company to Protect Your Assets – There are over 18 million lawsuits in the United States each year, and the number is rising! Protect the company you’ve built with an LLC.


Special Valuation Benefits for Real Property – Tax valuation benefits available to farms or other business real property

Probate & Estate Administration

Family_Wealth_Trust Family Wealth Trust – Looking after financial assets are only part of your planning process.


Living the Probate Nightmare – The ever-growing threat of becoming seriously ill or injured can be worse than death.


Probate – A Process, Not a Problem – While it can be a headache, probate does offer a solid legal framework for those who prepared and retained legal counsel.


Probate: What Every Senior Should Know – The majority of probate cases revolve around the affairs of those age 60 and over.


Trust Administration – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Problems.


Where There’s a Will, There’s Probate – Contrary to popular opinion, wills do not help you or your family avoid the costly and time-consuming process of probate.