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Legacy… Discover Your Core Values for a Better Life and a Better Future

Did you realize that with most entrepreneurs and successful individuals, the funds from inheritance are gone within three generations? As Warren Buffet said, you want to leave enough of a cushion so that the children and grandchildren can do whatever they want in connection with their unique abilities and purpose in life. However, not so much that your children and grandchildren don’t have to work at anything, which results in spoiling them and ruining their initiative. We encourage people think about what is important to them, what their core values are so they can both live a more meaningful life and create meaningful legacies for their family and others who are important to them.

The Lifetime and Legacy Protection Program is a valuable resource for those families who wish to plan proactively for their lifetime and beyond, while leaving a legacy of important values to guide future generations.

In today’s world, everyone wants to make sure their estate plan accounts for changes in their family’s health, which is critical now! In the unfortunate occurrence of a disability, people want family members and loved ones making important decisions, not institutions! Our Lifetime and Legacy Protection program members believe it’s crucial that plans are maintained so that when they are tested, your family is protected.

One of our oldest clients to date, Mrs. Martin, was 99 years old when we first met and 104 when she passed. We were there to assist the entire family, and of course her grandchildren. The revocable living trust that we had created for her had 16 amendments. Believe it or not, the final trust was challenged after she passed away, and for the first time ever in our experience, the complaining beneficiary was compelled by the judge to apologize and pay the legal fees for the other family members. This young man contesting Mrs. Martins trust, along with his attorney, needlessly put his family members through tremendous pain and heartache. Fortunately, we were able to prevail every step of the way, in terms of adjusting the plans together with what Mrs. Martin wanted. In the end her wishes were fulfilled, just as she had planned. This was because she had taken the right steps to plan and maintain her trust which may have contributed in some way to her long, happy, healthy life. Furthermore, her well maintained trust and estate plan guaranteed her legacy for her family.

On the other hand, statistics reveal that 86% of trust and estate plans do not work the way you intended when the time comes. This is why we have developed The 19 Point Trust and Estate & Asset Protection Plan Check-Up to make sure those you love and all you have is protected exactly how you intended. This has become even more important in the age of Covid-19, you never know what surprises may arise and we want to make sure your family is well prepared for whatever may come your way. In life, things happen and our team is here to help.

We have been helping people and families protect their homes, spouse, family, legacy and life savings for more than 26 years. It’s helpful to have a guide as we go through life, especially with capacity changing, sometimes suddenly, along the elder care journey. That’s where our Lifetime and Legacy Protection Program membership comes in. We provide ongoing education for member clients, for how you can avoid the numerous mistakes that people make, through our special events. For example, our next members only program features legacy and life planning. We will also provide tools and support to help you to discover your core values. We work closely to develop and discover how your life and legacy are in alignment with your core values and legacy so you will be provided an example of how to do this your way, and be a resource for your family.

Our team had a recent post covid-19 experience where our client, “Mrs. C” had crossed her “T’s” and dotted her “I’s” religiously as a member of our Lifetime & Legacy Protection Program. Unfortunately, this happens even for this careful, well intentioned client, she and we were met with substantial resistance as we helped her pay bills and communicate with her health care team at the nursing home.

Fortunately, this client had updated her disability documents, including her Trust and Power of Attorney as well as her critical healthcare documents. Upon learning of Mrs. C’s declining situation, we immediately obtained her Health Care Proxy, HIPPA Document and Advanced Directives one evening in early April from our secure digital platform.

Believe it or not, we were rebuffed by the receptionist and health care personnel at the nursing home, including being hung up on and stood up for appointments. Despite of challenges thrown our way, we were able to work with the bank regarding Mrs. C’s Trust and the Power of Attorney as well as the attending physician eventually at the nursing home. Persistence, passion, perseverance, compassion, care and commitment by our team prevailed and it all worked out to avoid the time delay and the potential cost of two probates (one for disability and one for death).

Initially, we thought there would be cooperation with the nursing home, but were surprised at the number of days it took to establish a connection, especially troubling for the family, due to the pandemic. After the nursing home administration got clearance from their legal department of the company that owns the nursing home, we were successful in some sense that we were not forced into a court proceeding. Most importantly, Mrs. C’s 11 page Advanced Health Care Directive was personally explained to her attending physician by an Aging Life Coordinator that we have known for 18 years, who was engaged on Mrs C’s behalf.

As a result, Mrs C’s legally binding healthcare wishes for no morphine and no other extreme end of life measures were honored, and our team saw to it that peace enabling provisions that she wanted were provided, as opposed to extreme end of life proceedings that she did not want to endure! Her family, and we, were relieved that we were able to connect on legal and health care matters with the nursing home, the attending physician as well as her financial institutions.

Despite the obstacles that we were required to navigate with both the financial and health institutions, including not allowing in person visits, the covid-19 nursing home lockdown, and the bank’s increased safety measures, Mrs. C’s wishes were honored in full. Needless-to-say, our team feels blessed that we were able to provide help for a client who thankfully obtained the valuable benefits, protection and team’s commitment to action on her behalf.

Our team feels fortunate that we are able help people and families discover new and better ways to help the people and families we serve. With our 19 point Trust, Health, Life, Disability and Estate Planning Guide, our client’s families know EXACTLY what they need in order to protect their Home, Spouse, Family, Legacy and Life Savings. If you or a family member had to endure the Mrs. C scenario, would you prefer to have “T’s” crossed and “I’s” dotted so that you and your family are in control? The alternative is to let the chips fall as they may. The important changes and updates for you and your family’s plan is exactly what families turn to us for help with as they have for generations.

It’s easy, call now 781-237-2815 or visit to request helpful resources, books, reports and discover how you can even receive $1,524 in valuable benefits when you discover the right steps to take for peace of mind for you and your family!