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Discover Why Life, Health and Disability Planning Is More Important Now Than Ever

Yes, these are indeed challenging times! Up is down, down is up and everything in between seems jumbled up way beyond what we would have believed just a few short months ago. Its more reason to get a reasonable handle on things. Nowhere is this more so than what it has taken you a lifetime to build and accumulate.

Let others fret and worry and succumb to fear. This is your opportunity to be proactive in the matter of your life, health, estate & legacy planning! If nothing else, what we are going through, and the uncertainty that comes with it, is reason enough to take charge of your family’s health, well-being and finances. Then you will have the peace of mind knowing you have done everything you can to protect the health and wellbeing for you and your family.

Let’s review what you can do right now:

• Now is the time to review your current health, disability, financial, estate and asset protection documents. You must make sure they are up to date. You’ll be surprised to discover that a great percentage of trusts and estate plans are outdated (even before the pandemic, studies show 86% of all trusts and estate plans are outdated due to changes in taxes, laws and personal circumstances).

• Recently we have been hearing from people concerned about friends and loved ones that need to go into a hospital or nursing home. In addition, some are moving from one facility to another, because of Covid-19 related concerns. Without the proper medical and health authorizations the medical team is not even consulting with family members!

• Might your life, health and disability documents be outdated? If so, ask yourself what happens if we are hospitalized or have to go to a nursing home? Who will make decisions for you or a family member? As well, have any beneficiaries or designations changed? Will our family be able to help us? Are the trustees named still who you want? If you’ve designated a powerof-attorney (health and/or proxy), is this still a viable selection? If you’ve stated a guardian or guardians for your children, is the person or persons still desired? Has anyone’s health deteriorated so that he or she is now unable to act on your behalf as you originally intended? All these questions are vitally important to review for obvious reasons!

• Perhaps the questions just asked aren’t relevant because you haven’t even taken steps to put a will, trust documents, power-of-attorney, and advanced directives in place! Believe it or not, if you do not have these important life, disability & death planning documents, the Commonwealth has laws that create a plan for you. The people we serve prefer to have themselves and their families in charge of decisions such as ventilators or not, for life saving possibilities. What does it say on your DNR or Advanced Directives? How horrible to think that we may become incapacitated because of illness, or worse, pass-away, and haven’t even looked after our loved ones’ future well-being or our own! Dwell on this thought for a moment. No one wants to end up like Terry Schiavo or suffer her family’s legal battles over 15 years which could have been entirely prevented with advanced directives. Isn’t it time to act? Of course, you can always go with the government plan, which Terry Schiavo’s family endured needlessly, has never been the top choice in our 26 plus years of experience. On the plus side, her husband Dave Schiavo has dedicated his life to helping people discover how important it is to prevent government plans from destroying your family. Take action or not, your family will be taken care of or not, based on what you do or don’t do, it’s up to you!

• It’s also important that you keep a list handy (and let designated individuals know where it is) of the estate planning attorney and financial professionals you rely on. This is significant, in case you are unable to act on your own behalf, and your proxy must take on this responsibility. This list should also include bank account/ safety deposit box information, titles to vehicles, home mortgage or title details, credit card information, passwords to any digital/on-line accounts, passports, birth certificate, Social Security card etc. These items are extremely valuable, in case someone must step in and manage things on your behalf due to illness and disability, which is six times more likely than death in any year. Would you prefer the state, a court, medical institution or a funeral home in charge of you? What happens to your family members and your savings?

• Believe it or not, 67% of people do not even have access to their healthcare agents when admitted to a hospital or emergency room according to the American Medical Association. We provide all our clients with a 24/7 medical access card in case of an emergency. Doesn’t it make sense for you and all those who you care about to have the BASIC life, health, disability and emergency plans in place now and have so you can help each other in a time of need? (most, if not all can be accomplished virtually).

As you have read there are many facets to living, especially in the post Covid-19 world we are living in. This is what we do, and have done for more than 26 years, day in and day out. Our team helps people protect, their home, spouse, family, legacy and life savings. Sadly, some people drown in the daily aspects of life to a point where they don’t take the time and take care of the essential health, life, and disability components in place so that loved ones are not left scrambling around asking themselves;

“Why didn’t they put their affairs in order to take care of themselves and us?”

Our compassionate and committed team is standing by ready to be of assistance. Through our unique 19-point discovery process clients are ready to face tomorrow, no matter if it means facing the new world of Covid-19, or the latest legal, financial, family or personal challenges they will encounter. We have the necessary resources for you and your family. Full details are available at … everything from books to special reports, digital workshops or DVDs, plus our live , discovery workshops, and proactive personalized review of your situation. Make the decision today, that the lessons of the past are your call to action to create a future where you and your loved ones are looked after and your mindset is one of peace! You have also taken the steps to identify what is most important to you. The effort to discover what you should be doing now is more important now especially with all of the changes in health, health care policies, taxes, family dynamics and personal circumstances. Our team of caring, compassionate professionals is here for you and your family now and for generations! The Estate Planning & Asset Protection Law Center of Dennis Sullivan & Associates.

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