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Lifetime & Legacy Protection Program


It’s our mission to make sure your planning works the way you want it to work when it’s tested.

With MORE THAN 40 years of experience serving and protecting clients, we have learned that “once and done” planning simply does not work. Planning work must be reviewed frequently if it is going to work the way you want it to work.  We have developed a systematic checklist-driven process that accounts for each of the following changes:

  • Laws change
  • Family changes (births, deaths, estrangements & reconciliations)
  • Assets and Asset values
  • Your executors and trustees
  • Your health care agents
  • Your Goals
  • New developments


It’s important to manage your plan regularly to ensure you stay protected even as the tax, healthcare and legal environment changes as well as adjusting for the continuing changes in personal, family, health problems and opportunities that arise during our lifetimes.


This program includes our Unique 19 Point checklist-driven annual review process.  Each year, we will conduct a diagnostic review of your planning work to determine if changes or updating are needed.  This process checks for:

  • Law changes that impact your plan
  • Family or relationship changes that would cause you to desire to change your plan
  • Asset changes that may require changes to ownership or beneficiary designations
  • Changes in asset values that would impact the tax planning implications of your planning
  • Changes to your health status that impact your health care decisions as well as your financial needs
  • Changes in the health or legal capacity of your successor trustees and health care agents that may result in a need to revisit your choice of successors
  • Identifying new ideas that we develop or learn about at professional conferences that could be useful to you and your family

The Lifetime & Legacy Protection Program also provides the following additional benefits:

  • 24/7 Emergency Access. We provide you with an emergency access healthcare card that is available 24/7 if you need us in the event of an emergency.  Your healthcare emergency contact information will travel with you worldwide 24/7.
  • Clerical Amendments for No Additional Fee. Our Lifetime & Legacy Protection Program allows you to make simple, clerical changes (changes that do not require attorney review) to your trust without incurring an additional fee.  This would include changes in your trustees, beneficiary names and percentages and agents on your powers of attorney.
  • 15% Fee Reduction for More Complex Revisions. If you choose to make changes to your estate plan that are beyond the scope of simple clerical changes, the standard fees we would ordinarily charge will be reduced by 15%.
  • Free Notary Service.
  • 24/7 Electronic Vault. Your entire estate plan will be scanned into our electronic vault where all of your documents will be available. We will also scan your other valuable documents or papers for you.
  • Health Care Directive Documents and simple Powers of Attorney for Immediate Family Members. This feature is especially useful when your children graduate high school and are out in the world.
  • Family Meeting upon Death or Disability. Should you become disabled and upon your death, we will meet with your family and your trustees to outline an action plan to make certain the proper steps are taken to ensure your plan is implemented as you intended. We do not charge a fee for this meeting for our clients who are current members of our Lifetime & Legacy Protection Program.
  • Trust and Estate Settlement Assistance. For clients who are members of our Lifetime and Legacy Protection Program at the time of their death, we are even available to help your surviving spouse and family with the trust administration and settlement of your estate or on a priority basis.

We are here for you and your family.


Your American Legacy The Book

Your legacy is more than your money and property. In this book you’ll discover powerful strategies to leave future generations your legacy to help them build a significant life, including: Family stories and traditions, heirlooms, life lessons, your own experiences

Foreword & Introduction by Dennis Sullivan, Esq, CPA, LLM

What Our Clients Experience

  • C.C. Dedham, MA

    My daughter was acquainted with Greta Atchinson, so when I had a need I naturally went to them. Both Greta and Dennis Sullivan have treated me wonderfully well! I’ve been very satisfied with the trust they did for me. Greta and Dennis were polite, caring and compassionate. They were very well prepared and helpful. I never felt rushed. I knew I needed to do something but didn’t know what. It was a great decision to go there. They were of tremendous help! Plus as a member of their Lifetime Protection Program I know they’re looking after me, plus whenever I have a question I can call them. I would absolutely recommend their services.

  • Mary McKernan, Needham, MA

    I’m extremely satisfied with the work that was done for my husband and me. Greta and the entire staff are always very helpful and nice. I’d initially found out about the Dennis Sullivan law firm when I was getting ready to retire and received a flyer from the state of Massachusetts that had various information on it. They are great people to know! We go in once a year now for a check-up that they provide. This keeps us very well informed about any developments, plus they answer all of my questions. The Sullivan group gets my highest recommendation!

  • C.B. Wellesley, MA

    We’re very pleased with the estate planning work that was done for us. My husband and I were very comfortable using their services. We originally went to one of their seminars, liked what we heard, and then came in for a consultation. I would definitely recommend going to see the people at Sullivan and Associates!

  • Mike McInerney, Framingham MA

    These people get things done! They got results in a number of different areas for me, such as estate planning, plus they’re still working with me and the state of Massachusetts in some matters involving my late wife. I first became acquainted with the Estate and Asset Protection Law Center of Dennis Sullivan & Associates a few years back. I’d seen an ad in the newspaper and went to one of Dennis’ free seminars, and then booked a consultation with him. He is very informative! Everyone there is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They are very accommodating people who get things well taken care of. I highly recommend their services!

  • J.S., Boston, MA

    I’m pleased to say they are my law firm! They’ve been very helpful to me over the years. I especially like the fact that they do a yearly check on all of my legal documents. This is a very viable service because things can change over time, and it’s good to know that I’m always current. This is very important, and I appreciate that they do this. These people do good work; they do things right!

  • H.S. Concord, MA

    Everything has gone fine. We first became familiar with the Sullivan Law Firm when we attended one of their seminars, and then made an appointment to come in for a consultation. We’ve been clients ever since. I appreciate that they continue to do a yearly review for us and advise us if we need to make any changes. As the saying goes, it’s good to have your ducks in a row! Everyone there has treated us wonderful. They are a very good group of people.

  • Noel Thyson, Winchester, MA

    I’m very satisfied with what the legal staff has done for me. Interestingly, an attorney I was using for another matter wound up recommending the Estate Planning and Asset Protection Law Center of Dennis Sullivan & Associates. I like the fact that they provide you with useful information, and quick answers. They treat you with dignity and respect. I highly recommend you go see them.

  • Matt DePalo, CPA., Natick

    The experience has been excellent. I am extremely satisfied with the Lifetime Protection Program.

  • I.C., Framingham

    The team at Dennis Sullivan & Associates is very helpful and knowledgeable. Everyone is pleasant and easy to do business with. I don't feel uncomfortable coming in. I interviewed four other attorneys...I'd rather come to you.

  • E.L., Lynn

    Thank you, Dennis, for your expert and caring assistance you have shown to me and my family. It was a trying and confusing process that needed a pro to guide us.

  • C.&J. K., Hopedale

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We appreciate the promptness with which you handled our difficult situation.

  • B.S., Wayland

    We have told friends of our experience with Dennis Sullivan & Associates. We feel it has been very positive and beneficial.

  • Andy St. James, Holliston

    Dennis provided strong direction and guidance in developing and implementing a lifetime protection plan.

  • D.M. Framingham, MA

    We were very comfortable working with you and thank you for your patience in educating us about a process which frankly was quite foreign to us. We are pleased with the outcome and are pleased to recommend you to friends.

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