Lifetime Protection Program

Once a plan is established we help review it annually to make sure it continues to meet a families objectives even as the law, finances and personal circumstances change. We call this annual review process the Lifetime Protection Program.  As part of the program we also review your planning for changes and make sure your assets are coordinated with your trust. We update documents and provide ongoing educational seminars exclusive for members. We also review planning so that it `will be effective if you are disabled or need nursing home care.  We want our clients to know they've made the very best decisions for their family during their lifetime and to give them peace of mind, knowing a trusted adviser will always be there for their family's needs. All Participants in the program also automatically receive complementary 24/7 access to your important health care documents. 

"We have been extremely happy with the whole experience!"
- A.L., Natick

"Dennis provided strong direction and guidance in developing and implementing a lifetime protection plan."
- A.S., Holliston

"The experience has been excellent.  I am exteremely satisfied with the Lifetime Protection Program."
- M.D., Natick


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