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Massachusetts Estate Planning Strategies for Life’s Changes

Over time, your family will face a number of changes. From when you purchase your first home and your children are born to the time they leave for college and you plan for retirement and beyond, new issues and concerns arise. With proper planning your family will be prepared for life’s changes and challenges.

If you ask yourself questions about what you want and what is important to you, you can develop a clear and coherent plan to protect your family and lifestyle. You can even accomplish retirement planning to maximize retirement benefits, save significant income taxes, review investment performance and insurance protection and plan for a successful transfer of assets and/or business.  

Have you planned to protect your family and take control of health and financial decisions if you or they were to become disabled?  Disability is far more likely than death in any given year and if you have not planned ahead, your family may need to apply for a court conservatorship or guardianship to be able to effectively care for you and manage family finances.  

Especially with the new HIPAA laws, health care professionals will not discuss your children’s medical condition with you, once your child reaches eighteen.  This can cause problems, especially as your children head off to college.  Learn more about what you can do in next month’s column.

Have you planned to get the most income and estate tax benefits available so that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement and leave a legacy for your family that will not be consumed by taxes, sometimes exceeding 70% of IRAs and Retirement Plans?

Our legal, tax and asset protection experts can help you design a plan to meet your goals and protect your family.  For more information and to attend an upcoming workshop, please call (800) 964-4295.