Learn How to Avoid Probate, Reduce Taxes and Guarantee a Legacy for Your Family With Our Three-Part Video Series

Studies show that 90% of all estates are left to nursing homes, the IRS and creditors instead of providing a protected legacy for children and grandchildren.  Estate planning is a lot more than a pile of documents that do something when you die.  The right plan will protect you, your spouse and your home as well as protect your children's inheritances from lawsuits, divorce and claims of creditors. You can even obtain significant tax-free growth and protection for your investments and retirement accounts.  Learn to avoid the top estate and retirement planning mistakes by watching Dennis Sullivan being interviewed on the national financial talk show, "Leading Experts."  Watch and learn how you can avoid the most common and costly estate and retirement planning mistakes.  To learn more, register for an upcoming workshop or call now (800) 964-4295 and schedule a personalized review of your estate and asset protection planning.

Part 1: Learn How to Save Time & Money By Avoiding Probate and Keeping Control of Your Financial and Health Decisions

Probate is an open forum creating time delays, legal expenses and public family disputes.  Learn how probate can be completely avoided with a fully funded living trust.  Our unique 19-Point Trust, Estate and Asset Protection Legal Guide helps families ensure their goals and objectives are met with a comprehensive estate and asset protection plan. Attend an upcoming complimentary workshop to learn more about how you can take control of your estate planning to save you money and time and keep your family out of the Probate Court.

Part 2: Protect Your Legacy for Children and Grandchildren

Watch so you can learn to protect your legacy for your children and grandchildren by ensuring that their inheritance is not lost to divorce, lawsuits or other claims of creditors.  95% of the trusts we review do not have these important protections.  Learn how to improve your estate plan and leave a protected legacy for your family rather than the Nursing Home, the IRS or ex-spouses.  If you would like to learn how to protect your home, spouse and your life savings from increasing nursing home costs and avoid nursing home poverty watch these Massachusetts Asset Protection Planning Videos.  

Part 3: Avoid a 70% Tax on IRAs and Retirement Plans

Would you rather pay a 70% tax or learn about the miracle of IRAs and how to protect and maximize your IRAs and retirement plans for your children and grandchildren?  Also learn how a retirement plan trust will provide significant tax deferred growth as well as protection from lawsuits, divorces and claims of creditors for your children and grandchildren.  Don't know if your retirement and estate plan will be taxed at 70%? Sign up for a workshop to find out and have your estate planning reviewed with our unique 19-Point Trust, Estate and Asset Protection legal guide.  To protect your retirement plans, request a free copy of our "Retirement Protection and Maximization Report: Avoid a 70% Tax on IRAs and Retirement Accounts.

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Request your free copy of "The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Retirement and Estate Planning".  In this report you will learn what the IRS, Department of Revenue and nursing homes hope you never find out.  Don't be like 90% of all people whose life savings go first to nursing homes and then to the IRS. In this report you will learn:

  • How to keep your money in your family and away from the IRS (up to 80% tax on your assets);
  • How to take advantage of a Roth conversion;
  • How to avoid a 70% tax on IRAs and retirement accounts;
  • How to protect your children and grandchildren's inheritance from creditors, lawsuits and divorce.  
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