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Crisis Planning: For a loved one who is in or going to a nursing home soon.

It’s never too late to protect your spouse, your home and your lifesavings!

At Dennis Sullivan & Associates, we offer a unique process to help you develop actionable strategies to protect your spouse, your home, and your life savings so you will not improvrish your spouse and leave your family without a dime. The consultation has three parts:

1. Information Collection. When you call us, an attorney or paralegal will ask questions about your situation. If we think we can help you, we will send you a detailed questionnaire to help us analyze how Medicaid rules will apply to your situation.

2. Strategy meeting. Next, we will meet with you to create a personalized plan to help you and your family. You may have family members or others participate in the meeting. We will also give you a written plan that summarizes the pertinent parts of Medicaid law and identifies the actions you should take next.

3. Implementing the Plan. For most clients, implementing the Asset Protection plan will require the assistance of an attorney. There may be a deed or other legal documents to prepare. We will work with you, your family and your financial advisor to take the steps needed to qualify for Medicaid and protect your life savings.

If you, or someone you love is in crisis, please call our office at 781-237-2815 to see how Dennis Sullivan & Associates can help you.


Why is it so important to plan ahead?

With nursing home costs averaging $400-$500 a day in Massachusetts, and rapidly rising (see the schedule of projected increases in the cost of nursing home care), it is vital to plan ahead in order to protect your home and other assets. New Medicaid laws strictly limit the available assets and income that a spouse can keep if the other spouse is in a nursing home. They will even put a lien on the home. The limitations are even more severe for a widow or unmarried person. If you wait until you or someone you love is already in a nursing home to determine your options, you WILL significantly decrease the likelihood of retaining your assets.In order to protect your life savings, legacy and lifestyle you must obtain education and plan in advance.

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