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Medicaid Application – A government investigation

Young woman helping old man to stand up-1When the time comes that either you, your loved one, family or someone dear to you needs Long-Term Care such as a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility, the process of completing and filing the Medicaid Application can be daunting. The application is 42 pages to begin with, that has a list of numerous documents to be submitted along with the application. Questions ranging from being as simple as your name and address, to your income whether it be social security, annuity, pension and rental income, the applicant or individual filling out the application needs to have access and knowledge to a lot of information about you.


To touch on the point of what other information is required while completing the application, asset information is needed such as bank accounts, real estate, life insurance, vehicles – that is just to name a few. The application process can be very intrusive in respect to requesting information about the applicant’s assets. Reason for the probing is that MassHealth (Medicaid) will look back 5 years of the applicants’ financial transactions to determine qualification. Some issues that arise are, if there are any transactions over $1,000.00, the state caseworker is going to require documentation proving the purchase was for the applicant and not for anyone else. So essentially, if grandparents wanted to gift their grandchild a laptop before the start of school, if the purchase is over $1,000.00, the state will count that as assets that could have paid for the long-term care.


The application process is a tedious, scrutinizing and can often feel overwhelming. Our firm has the unique ability, which is guiding, assisting and supporting you and your family during the application process. Having experience with Tax Audits previously with clients, we know how diligent and precise all the information provided back to the caseworker has to be. The team of professionals here can assist with completing the initial form to assisting in gathering, compiling and organizing information that will be requested for further investigation regarding finances (this happens almost every time!). If someone you care about is in need of Long-Term Care don’t wait to get assistance from professionals!


If you don’t have an Estate Plan that could protect you and your loved ones from this type of probing, we have a developed a unique 19 point health, disability and life planning assessment to put you, your family and friends in the drivers seat. These tools will enable you to take control of your health, disability, life and estate planning now! You can even protect your health, home, spouse, family, legacy and life savings for the rest of your life.

By attending the online sessions you will qualify for $1,475-$2,475 of additional benefits to review your plan with a personalized online or in person meeting. Also, should you decide to implement your plan you can apply benefits towards implementation as well. To learn more about this and other opportunities so you and your family are protected, contact our office now for a consultation 781-237-2815 or register for a free discovery webinar.