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March 2021
Due to Covid-19, Almost Everyone Needs a New or Improved Health, Life, Disability, & Estate Plan!

Even before March of 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic, approximately 86% of estate, health and disability plans didn’t work when they were most needed because they were already out of date!
The pandemic dealt our citizens a 1-2 punch:
1) Many people who thought they “didn’t need” an estate plan desperately need a plan that works now.
2) People who thought they had a good estate plan finally understand their plans are out at date due to the pandemic and recent and pending changes in state and federal taxes and laws.

January 2021
Discover why life, health and disability planning is more important now than ever

Yes, these are indeed challenging times! Up is down, down is up and everything in between seems jumbled up way beyond what we would have believed just a few short months ago. Its more reason to get a reasonable handle on things. Nowhere is this more so than what it has taken you a lifetime to build and accumulate.

May 2020
Interested in peace of mind?

Yes, these are challenging times! Up is down, down is up and everything in between seems jumbled up way beyond what we would have believed just a few short months ago. Its more reason to get a reasonable handle on things. Nowhere is this more so than what it has taken you a lifetime to build and accumulate.

April 2020
C19 Update: Emergency Checkup For Your Life, Health And Estate Plan

Though it may be hard not to panic when the grocery store shelves are empty, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 keeps rising, and we see sobering statistics across the globe … we will not overcome this challenge with a panicked response.

March 2020
Reinvesting Your Wealth: 9 Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

With tax season here, many individuals are looking forward to receiving a tax refund soon. However, while it is nice to spend the extra funds on vacations and material things, reinvesting your wealth into your retirement savings, contributing to your bills, or updating important legal documents might be the more important route. Here are a few suggestions on what to do with this money:

February 2020
Critical Estate Planning Considerations In The New Year

The New Year is an exciting time when we can come together with our loved ones and set our goals for the upcoming year. From healthy lifestyle changes and setting new financial goals to spending more time with family or planning for retirement, the New Year holds special meaning to each of us. As you already know, this year is special as this New Year marks not just the start of a new year, but the start of a new decade.

November 2019
Feeling Good As You Are Doing Good

As a community-based legal practice, the Estate Planning & Asset Protection Law Center of Dennis
Sullivan & Associates recognizes the benefits our community receives, from the abundance of nonprofit organizations providing employment, services to programs throughout our region. For many this is our community of choice. The varied cultural organizations, high quality medical facilities, and public and private colleges/universities provide meaningful opportunities and make our lives more

September 2019
What You Need To Know This Falls Prevention Awareness Day

Did you know that September 23, 2019 is Falls Prevention Awareness Day? This important day is recognized annually to raise awareness about how to prevent fall-related injuries among aging adults. As the colder months begin to arrive in Massachusetts, it is especially important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe while completing everyday tasks. To help keep you protected, let us share with you a few safety tips to know this Falls Prevention Awareness Day

August 2019
The Retirement Checklist Every Baby Boomer Needs

Did you know that an income and expense retirement checklist is considered vital? This is because, typically, there are no “do-overs” when it comes to your retirement. For example, it may be difficult to regain your present income after age 50 by switching employers or to then regain the value of your collapsed portfolio.

July 2019
Reminding You About Important Information We Shared In June

Did you know that elder abuse impacts millions of Americans every year, and millions more across the globe? It is a reprehensible problem, and one that is not likely to go away anytime soon. Especially as our senior populations continue to grow both in Massachusetts and across the United States, and as life-expectancy rates increase, incidents of elder abuse can only be expected to rise.

June 2019
Tips for Protecting Your College Student in a New Semester Through Estate Planning

Whether your child is just beginning to receive college acceptance letters or is preparing to leave home for the upcoming semester, your child is planning ahead for his or her future. As a parent, protecting your child does not stop when he or she leaves for college. Your role in their life, however, may have changed. Once your child turns 18, he or she is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Accordingly, your ability to help him or her with their finances or medical decisions may be limited. We know this can be a challenging and emotional time, which is why we want to share a few ways to use estate planning to protect your child when they are not with you.

April 2019
What to Do About Your Single Biggest Investment?

For the overwhelming majority of people, the largest investment we’ll make in our lifetime is purchasing a home. Through the years, many happy memories are made; perhaps involving you and a spouse; as well as children and grandchildren growing up in the home often add to fond memories.

What Our Clients Experience

  • C.C. Dedham, MA

    My daughter was acquainted with Greta Atchinson, so when I had a need I naturally went to them. Both Greta and Dennis Sullivan have treated me wonderfully well! I’ve been very satisfied with the trust they did for me. Greta and Dennis were polite, caring and compassionate. They were very well prepared and helpful. I never felt rushed. I knew I needed to do something but didn’t know what. It was a great decision to go there. They were of tremendous help! Plus as a member of their Lifetime Protection Program I know they’re looking after me, plus whenever I have a question I can call them. I would absolutely recommend their services.

  • Mary McKernan, Needham, MA

    I’m extremely satisfied with the work that was done for my husband and me. Greta and the entire staff are always very helpful and nice. I’d initially found out about the Dennis Sullivan law firm when I was getting ready to retire and received a flyer from the state of Massachusetts that had various information on it. They are great people to know! We go in once a year now for a check-up that they provide. This keeps us very well informed about any developments, plus they answer all of my questions. The Sullivan group gets my highest recommendation!

  • C.B. Wellesley, MA

    We’re very pleased with the estate planning work that was done for us. My husband and I were very comfortable using their services. We originally went to one of their seminars, liked what we heard, and then came in for a consultation. I would definitely recommend going to see the people at Sullivan and Associates!

  • Mike McInerney, Framingham MA

    These people get things done! They got results in a number of different areas for me, such as estate planning, plus they’re still working with me and the state of Massachusetts in some matters involving my late wife. I first became acquainted with the Estate and Asset Protection Law Center of Dennis Sullivan & Associates a few years back. I’d seen an ad in the newspaper and went to one of Dennis’ free seminars, and then booked a consultation with him. He is very informative! Everyone there is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They are very accommodating people who get things well taken care of. I highly recommend their services!

  • J.S., Boston, MA

    I’m pleased to say they are my law firm! They’ve been very helpful to me over the years. I especially like the fact that they do a yearly check on all of my legal documents. This is a very viable service because things can change over time, and it’s good to know that I’m always current. This is very important, and I appreciate that they do this. These people do good work; they do things right!

  • H.S. Concord, MA

    Everything has gone fine. We first became familiar with the Sullivan Law Firm when we attended one of their seminars, and then made an appointment to come in for a consultation. We’ve been clients ever since. I appreciate that they continue to do a yearly review for us and advise us if we need to make any changes. As the saying goes, it’s good to have your ducks in a row! Everyone there has treated us wonderful. They are a very good group of people.

  • Noel Thyson, Winchester, MA

    I’m very satisfied with what the legal staff has done for me. Interestingly, an attorney I was using for another matter wound up recommending the Estate Planning and Asset Protection Law Center of Dennis Sullivan & Associates. I like the fact that they provide you with useful information, and quick answers. They treat you with dignity and respect. I highly recommend you go see them.

  • Matt DePalo, CPA., Natick

    The experience has been excellent. I am extremely satisfied with the Lifetime Protection Program.

  • I.C., Framingham

    The team at Dennis Sullivan & Associates is very helpful and knowledgeable. Everyone is pleasant and easy to do business with. I don't feel uncomfortable coming in. I interviewed four other attorneys...I'd rather come to you.

  • E.L., Lynn

    Thank you, Dennis, for your expert and caring assistance you have shown to me and my family. It was a trying and confusing process that needed a pro to guide us.

  • C.&J. K., Hopedale

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We appreciate the promptness with which you handled our difficult situation.

  • B.S., Wayland

    We have told friends of our experience with Dennis Sullivan & Associates. We feel it has been very positive and beneficial.

  • Andy St. James, Holliston

    Dennis provided strong direction and guidance in developing and implementing a lifetime protection plan.

  • D.M. Framingham, MA

    We were very comfortable working with you and thank you for your patience in educating us about a process which frankly was quite foreign to us. We are pleased with the outcome and are pleased to recommend you to friends.

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