Massachusetts Asset Protection Process

The Asset Protector Process™ is a lifetime program helping you protect the assets it took you a lifetime to build and will help you protect all the assets for your family and give you the freedom to relax because you have achieved your goals! 

Our team works with people who have had success in growing their assets but are worried about losing their goals by the time retirement comes around - will they be gone when I get there? That fear can not only disturb them emotionally but affect their confidence about what lies ahead.  Most people already know what they want - they want to protect their family and their assets that they worked hard for in their life.  It is very confusing out there and difficult to decide about whose opinion they can trust.  They try to do it on their own - but fail. Then fear sets in, they get frustrated and do not have the time nor the energy to act on protecting their goals from distruction.  The Asset Protector Process™  was established to help business owners and professionals to protect their family, business' and achieve their lifetime goals.

The Asset Protector Process™ is a step-by-step process divided into distinct stages. Our team of professional lawyers can help review your current situation and set goals for you.  This is called the The Asset Protector Clarity Session™.   In some cases, this is all you need.  In other cases, you may need more help.  Our team can provide in-depth analysis through the The Asset Protector Report™.  This is a legal analysis to take your protections to the next level.   If necessary, we can add The Asset Protector Strategy Session™ and The Asset Protector Implementation Session™.  These sessions help you create strategies that are customized to your family and implemented by our law firm, along with your professional advisors.  During the session, you will also work with us through the process. After completion of this process,  you will have protected your family and your assets!   You will have clear goals and a strategic Asset Protector Plan™ to achieve what you set out to do.  Then the system will provide support and keep you on track.  You will have evaluated what assets are at risk, learned simple asset protection strategies and taken steps toward reaching  your goals.  You will have increased your level of control and reduced risks to your family.  It has been shown that you will not only have peace of mind but more confidence in your future. In order to get started please contact our office at (781) 237-2815. In order to get started please complete the Asset Protectin Matrix and fax it back to our office. We will contact you to schedule your Disaster Audit Meeting