Fiduciary & Trustee Services

As an additional service to our clients, the Attorneys at Dennis Sullivan and Associates are available to act as Trustees or Fiduciaries.

Sometimes, clients have a family member qualified and willing to serve as trustee of their trust. However, for a variety of reasons, a professional trustee may be used. There are numerous large institutions that will act in that capacity. They may require large minimum balances and lack the capacity to provide consistent, empathetic personal service. In cases where the client desires personal service, an attorney has traditionally been used. Historically, law firms in Massachusetts have found a better solution. Our services are offered to provide the benefits of personal service with the permanence and stability of a trusted fiduciary.

Clients usually request that an Attorney serve as a Trustee or Fiduciary because the situation requires sensitivity and discretion in managing and distributing funds for the benefit of a minor, incompetent, spendthrift or individual with special needs. In other cases, we are selected to perform the administrative functions required by tax law (for example, Crummey administration of irrevocable life Insurance trusts) or to provide the independence required by tax law (for example as trustee of a marital deduction trust). Independent Trustees provide enhanced asset protection as well. To protect trust assets and provide independent advice, we recommend an independent custodian and independent investment advisor.

Our objective is to make those management and distribution decisions for trust beneficiaries which the donor would have made if he/she were managing the account. Investment management is usually conservative and provided by an Independent Registered Investment Advisor. Distributions may be generous or conservative depending on the objective of the trust.

To Learn More About Our Trustee Services, Please Contact Our Office at (781) 237-2815.