Consumer's Guide to Medicaid, Nursing Home & Asset Protection

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Did you know that thousands of Americans that are eligible for Medicaid never even apply for benefits?Yet postponing or avoiding this process means you could be wasting thousands of dollars every year. 

All too often, we hear stories of families having to empty their savings, sell off their loved one's home or other assets, and then, when the well is dry, they apply for financial assistance from the Mediciad Program. 

This process is, quite frankly, unnecessary. Armed with sound information and the right legal strategies, it is possinle to qualify for financial assistance for long-term care without having to sell off your home or give up your hard-earned savings.

Medicaid already finances at least two-thirds of the Nation's nursing home residents. With proper planning and the right strategies, you could be eligible for nursing home financial assistance from Medicaid too! 

Here are some things you will learn in this FREE Guide:

  • Learn how gifting money to your children can disqualify you from Medicaid...unless done correctly.
  • Learn how a Living Trust can ruin your planning opportunities for Medicaid.
  • Find out how your might be able to qualify for Medicaid without spending down. 
  • Learn how retirement plans can be decimated...and how you might be able to protect yours.
  • Discover what legal document you should probably have in place...and the three things it should contain.